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A true standards-based gradebook.

JumpRope is more than a software company. We’re experts in the practical implementation of standards-based grading and can help you every step of the way.
Our software and support fit your philosophy

Built from the ground up to support standards-based teaching and learning,  our gradebook is bold and unapologetic when it comes to collecting and organizing "grades" in terms of mastery of standards and skills.  Beyond that, we can customize the system to support your philosophy, grading scale, vocabulary, curriculum template, and standards.  If you have a unique approach, schedule a call with an implementation manager to see if we speak your language.

Partnering with you for the transition
It’s difficult to enact transformational change alone, and shifting to a standards-based model is no small task.  We want you to know that you aren't alone: hundreds of schools and districts around the country are making this important transition.
JumpRope partners with you to make sure implementation is successful at all levels. Our on-site training, online courses, and expert customer service make the transition to standards-based grading fluid. We even provide consulting on everything from core philosophy to teacher practice to family engagement. You get the benefit of our expertise every step of the way.
Still on the fence?  Check out our other tools.
There are steps you can take before taking the leap with your entire school, district, or community.  JumpRope offers products and services that help pave the way to standards-based grading and reporting.  Consider moving your curriculum and unit resources to a standards-based curriculum design tool, bringing in experts to run professional development, or partnering with a consultant in our network to help with community outreach and change management.
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