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JumpRope’s Proficiency-Based Transcript: The School Profile, Part 3 in a 4-Part Series

In my last post, I shared that, the New England Secondary School Consortium tells us “College admissions staff members consider school profiles essential to the admissions process because these provide the necessary context to interpret and understand the academic accomplishments of individual students. A carefully constructed transcript is made much more powerful and meaningful by an equally informative school profile.” Given the importance of the school profile as the mate to the transcript, I thought it would be helpful to share some examples of school profiles designed by schools that generate proficiency-based transcripts.

The schools that graciously shared their profiles with me are all located in southern Maine and have been using proficiency-based reporting systems for different lengths of time. Casco Bay High School has been reporting with a proficiency-based scale since it was founded in 2005. Traip Academy has been using a proficiency-based system since 2014 and South Portland High School began its roll-in of a proficiency-based reporting system in 2015. A careful look at each of their school profiles reveals some common threads, perhaps not so distinct from what might be found in a traditional school profile. Each of these three profiles includes:

  • Some version of a school mission or a statement about how they view themselves philosophically

  • Listing of key personnel in the building

  • An explanation of the academic program or curriculum specific to the school

  • A brief guide for how to interpret or read proficiency-based grades

  • Some comparative student data like GPA distribution

Not all of them include an explanation of the academic honors system or mention of college acceptances and attendance, but that information is also frequently found in a school profile. Of course each school also might include information wholly unique to that institution. The goal is always to use a small space to convey the most important information about the school and its students’ academic pathway through the school.

Take a look for yourself!

Casco Bay High School School Profile

Traip Academy School Profile

South Portland High School School Profile (projected)

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