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New Partnerships for JumpRope

As we step into the 2017-2018 school year, we’d like to announce two very exciting partnerships we’re involved with. Our hope is that the work JumpRope does with Protean and Education Modified will be as interesting to you as it is to us. I will devote each of our next two blog posts to detailed descriptions of each of these electronic platforms and their integration with JumpRope. For now, I’d like to share some of Jesse’s thinking on the decision to work with Protean and Education Modified. I asked him a short series of questions. Here’s what he said:

  • Why pursue external partnerships at all?

Nobody can do everything. It’s important to know what you’re good at and seek ways to address what you’re less good at. One way to do this is to build partnerships which maintain niches, and also create complete solutions. Now JumpRope is part of a tool set to make the classroom experience better for everyone.

  • What’s attractive about Protean and Education Modified?

JumpRope aspires to be a comprehensive system that documents mastery of learning, but our system is about evidence of mastery in numbers and scores. JumpRope doesn’t give our users a way to capture the artifacts that demonstrate learning. Protean captures that evidence, the actual products created by the student. With Protean, students personalize learning and document their learning experiences in a comprehensive portfolio. It’s designed specifically so students may include evidence of learning that takes place beyond school and into the community.

Like JumpRope, Education Modified started in NYC with like-minded founders who were seeking better resources for students in special education. Their founding story is a lot like our own story, a connection that’s really compelling to me. JumpRope customers regularly ask us to store IEPs and provide resources for special educators. We don’t do either of those things ourselves. Education Modified provides research-based strategies for all special needs, right at a teacher’s fingertips. The partnership with Education Modified helps us give teachers some of the resources they’re asking for.

  • Why should JR users be excited about our new partnerships?

Like we said above, we aren’t good at everything. Sometimes we need to say “no” to user requests. Now we can say, “yes, through our partnership with Protean and Education Modified we can do that. It’s a way of giving our customers more. Creating an ecosystem where modern, passionately created tools allow teachers to address all the issues they come up against as opposed to bouncing along with the big ball of mediocrity.”

Read Part 2 of 3, "It Takes a Village; Protean, the new face of proficiency in Edtech", here.

Editors note: Read about JumpRope's partnership with KiNVO from Kinvolved here.

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