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  • Sara Needleman

Mapping Assessments

If you followed my little series on backwards design and course planning, you saw that I like to begin with big ideas and essential questions and then turn my attention to the standards I can mindfully address as we explore those big ideas and essential questions. The key component to comprehensive teacher-driven assessment within such a system, I think, is to map the assessments you will use to determine proficiency with the standards attached to your essential questions.

Here’s another way of thinking about this topic: The best way to capture data that really gives you a picture of what your students have learned and what they still need to work on is to plan for the data you want and need. Whether you’re a JumpRope user or not, mapping assessments in advance of instruction (and in advance of populating your Plan Tab in JumpRope) allows you to see the whole picture. When you see the whole picture, you can make effective adjustments before the horses run. You can also see clearly when your plan truly does address all it needs to. Then you can get to the fun of rolling out that plan with your students and rest assured that the data they generate will give you comprehensive information on their learning.

Here’s a simple assessment map that I like to share with JumpRope clients and pre-service teachers. Maybe it will help you when you return to school in the fall and begin to think about how to meet the many needs of your many students.

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