• Jesse Olsen

New Features and New Jumpropers!

With the beginning of a new school year and JumpRope more than doubling in size, the last few months have been very busy at JumpRope HQ! We're happy to say that our new schools are settling into their shiny new mastery-based gradebooks, and scores and other data are flowing at record rates. More importantly, we have dozens of innovative schools working with us that continue to expand our understanding, making our product even better. Thank you to everyone for the continued work and support!

I'd like to take this chance to re-cap a number of important events and milestones that we passed in the last three months:

  • We hired Nathan full time! Nathan, who in his ten years in the industry has developed a habit of working so effectively that the rest of his team gets laid off, is our Chief Technology Officer. He manages our development process and is hard at work on new product and improvements. Check him out on the team page!

  • We hired Rodney! Rodney, who brings some much-needed maturity to our office culture and looks very good in a suit, is our Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Sales. He will be helping us expand nationally and internationally in the coming months and years. Welcome, Rodney!

  • Our free gradebook came out of beta and is now available 100% free for any teacher that wants to sign up!

  • The number of student & parent logins has exceeded the number of teacher logins in our system, signaling the immense value of real-time feedback in our modern culture. In support of this trend, we have released several new features for the Student & Parent Portal including giving students the ability to see and download upcoming assessments, more detailed attendance history, and print their own mastery reports. Keep coming kids, and we'll keep making it better!

  • We have developed the ability for schools to design their own custom grade conversions, based on either numerical mastery values or on threshold-based metrics (known as "percent passed"). Now, teachers and schools can give meaningful mastery feedback and make sure that it fits neatly into existing transcript systems!

We have the strongest group of schools ever this year, and we're excited to continue our work with them. Let us know if you have any questions or comments!

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