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As we work with more and more teachers and schools that have different data needs and pressures related to final grades, a common request of JumpRope is to provide tools to help override grades at the course level. In our efforts to remain standards-based, JumpRope calculates course grades as a culmination of underlying mastery scores. While pure and meaningful when analyzing mastery, these numbers are basically just annoying when it comes to giving kids grades.

To those that have been struggling with the final grades process in our standards-based grade book, we have exciting news! JumpRope is launching a new feature that will drastically simplify the final grading process and allow you to ensure that final course grades ultimately align with your gut feeling. Teachers have enough on their plates, and between teaching and administrative duties, we feel that it is important to ease this burden with time-saving features wherever possible.

We are calling this feature JUMPROPE BOOST®, and are releasing it immediately to all users as part of JumpRope Labs. The way that it works is simple: search for a student profile, and look for the new colored buttons shown below:

Boosting a student's grade will scootch their grades up just a smidgeon, allowing you to make sure that they pass without faking scores standard-by-standard (which is super annoying, right?). Of course, you can also de-Boost scores to ensure that no students do better than you think that they deserve. Don't worry about which assessments and standards are affected by JUMPROPE BOOST®—we'll use a regression algorithm to slightly alter underlying scores in such a way that it is very unlikely that a student or parent will notice the boost*. After all, the mastery data on individual learning goals are far less important than whether students are passing, failing, or making honor roll. Frankly, we only added standards and learning goals into JumpRope because a bunch of annoying, excellent teachers kept bugging us about it.

We hope that JUMPROPE BOOST® helps save you time and properly align student final grades to the grades that you had a sense that they should get, or otherwise had a responsibility to provide. Don't worry—we won't keep any logs of your boosting so students, parents, fellow teachers, and your principal will simply think that you have been providing mastery scores that align perfectly with your gut.**

* We cannot support this claim ** We cannot support this claim either

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