• Jesse Olsen

We're in the zone, the iZone

It's exciting to sit down with a teacher or administrator who has never heard about JumpRope's standards-based grading technology and watch their nods quicken and grins widen as they learn that we are exactly what they've been looking for their entire career. So the opportunity to see this revelation many times over the course of an entire day fuels my efforts to keep fighting the good fight. This was our experience at the iZone meet up in Long Island City. Justin, Kyle (our new writer, who got a crash course) and myself hopped on the train (throwback: I quite-literally took the D to the E to the L.I.C.) and arrived at a Department of Education building fully caffeinated, ready to meet some innovation-hungry educators. iZone is an initiative of the New York City DOE to equip and support schools with innovative strategies and the practical tools to apply them (that's us!) We are proud to be a part of iZone, as their goals and solutions are right in line with JumpRope's:

  • Clear goals, clear feedback, and flexibility to learn at their own pace. Courses are designed around developing the real-world knowledge and skills that students need to meet their goals.

  • Learning from experts throughout the world. iZone students use video conferencing and other tools to interact with scientists, politicians, engineers and other professionals.

  • Using real-time data to support each student. Teachers use computer-based, personalized learning systems to apply real-time data on student progress, strengths and areas of need.

  • Students working in many different ways. Teachers use creative ways that enable students to master the knowledge, skills and habits of mind they need to be successful in college and careers.

  • Collaborative peer to peer learning. iZone students communicate with peers in and out of the classroom for new perspectives.

  • Access to a wide range of courses Students have access to expanded learning opportunities through online courses offered trans-burrough and nationwide

We ran into some old friends - quality folks from Big Picture Learning, Authentic Education, and Teaching Matters - and got to know lots of wonderful educators. We gave our new friends a sneak peak into our groundbreaking scheduling technology and received their feedback about how we can serve their schools best. What groundbreaking scheduling technology, you say? You'll have to stay tuned. For now, I'll say this- no longer will students be saved by the bell, instead they will be freed by their mastery. Okay, admittedly not my best pun, but at least I look as good as A.C. Slater, right?

Looking forward to working with the iZone and their schools for years to come.

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