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We Speak Your Language at JumpRope

Having taught at more than one school and worked with dozens more, I've come to know that each school works very hard to build and maintain its own unique culture. This extends from the students and families up to the staff and administration, and is a crucial part of a school's success. When JumpRope begins working with a school, our goal is to enhance and supplement the culture with powerful tools, not to replace or force our own culture upon them. It is for this reason that I have worked very hard to ensure that our system is fully customizable to your school.

As with any culture, language is an important aspect. Within JumpRope, there are many individual words and phrases that can be customized by school staff to fit in with the school culture. This is a terrific and powerful feature, but has the interesting downside of making it very difficult for us to write help documents that everybody can understand! In our help documents, you'll see us using the "generic" term for many aspects of the system, and in some cases you may not be sure what we are referring to. In these cases, take a look at the list of "generic" terms below (in bold) - following each are some examples of common customized terms that our schools have used. Feel free to add additional language below in the comments, and I will update this post to reflect your school's choice of words.

  • Standards-Based Grading - Mastery-, Proficiency-

  • Unit - Case Study, Investigation, Expedition

  • Standard - Learning Target, Objective, Outcome, Learning Goal / LG, CCS

  • Assessment - Evidence, Assignment, Test

  • Advisory - Crew, Leadership Group

  • Course - Expedition

  • Administrators - Principals, Deans

As time goes on, we will create more opportunities to customize the software and we will collect and post additional variations in an attempt to keep this information current. Let me know if you have any comments, questions, or additions below!

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