• Jesse Olsen

The Fate of Civilizations lies in your hands & it's fun!

JumpRope is excited to share with you a fun and intoxicating educational tool produced by new friends of ours, Joe Ballou and Jonathan Ng of Fate of Civilizations, a history-based board game – Glory. Glory allows students to learn about world history in a playful and engaging way, and aligns with universal standards so teachers can gather mastery data and track student progress.

JumpRope and Fate of Civilizations share the same heart when it comes to education and innovation: school should be fun and personalized for students, progressive and joyful for teachers- only creative technology can get us there!

Joe and Jonathan just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to fund their first round of game distribution. JumpRope is a proud backer – we hope you will become one too. For real change to happen in schools the communities they're a part of have to lend a helping hand – here's your opportunity.

To learn more about Glory and Fate of Civilization's other awesome products follow the links in this article and read this great write up.

When Glory arrives on our doorstep we'll have a gaming party – I get to be the Top Hat!

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