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Say hello to JumpRope (and the team!)

JumpRope provides solutions for teachers, schools, and other educational organizations. Though you could call us a bootstrapped web-based startup (we are), we've stayed pretty far from the startup world as our business has grown. Instead, we've been deeply embedded in the education world working with dozens of schools and networks to learn as much as possible about designing and implementing systems in the exciting, chaotic world of education.

I can't express how excited I am to finally launch with a public presence (along with a new website and a new name!). It will take quite a few blog posts to introduce you to each aspect of our business and product, so I thought that I'd start simply by introducing our team. Before I do, though, I'd be remiss if I did not take the chance to shout out to the many members of our "extended team" that we've worked with over the last few years and who have truly helped us become what we are today.

  • New York City Outward Bound

  • Expeditionary Learning Schools

  • The Urban Assembly of New York

  • Teach For America

  • New Leaders for New Schools

  • The Young Women's Leadership Network

  • Nomadic by Design

And now, a little bit about the people who we actually pay on a regular basis...

Jesse Olsen Founder & CEO Most would call Jesse the brains behind the outfit, but in reality he's just super stubborn. Admittedly, though, his knack for coding and ability to not have a life are probably the company's two most valuable assets. In his early life, Jesse went straight from geek to teacher as he studied engineering in his beloved northwest and moved across the country to teach high school math at Validus Preparatory Academy in the Bronx (that's NYC, as he quickly learned). During JumpRope's founding years, he continued to teach full time, and only recently did he start to focus allof his energy on JumpRope. He remains the chief academic officer, chief product officer, developer, and general pain-in-the-butt around the office.

Justin Meyer Founder & COO Most would say that Justin was crazy to drop his engineering job in beautiful Portland, Oregon to move to New York City to be sole full-time employee-owner of a bootstrapped startup... but we strongly suspect that he was crazy to begin with. Before becoming a the educator/engineer/accountant/lawyer/salesman/manager that he is today, he already had a number of roles under his belt: snowboard instructor on Mt. Hood, travelling wakeboard salesman (not to mention semi-pro wakeboarder), power-supply specialist, and fashion aficianado. From this life, he jumped right in and began faking it 'till he was making it as our beloved COO. In fact, we strongly suspect that he is still faking it.

Jenna VanLooven Customer Support Specialist Just-married Jenna is, by a significant margin, the nicest person that works at JumpRope. Being talented managers of human resources, we suspected that she would do quite well in the role of customer support. Jenna is on the other end of the line if you ever need help or experience a problem with our tools - as if that ever happens... While you're at it, feel free to ask her for a farm-fresh recipe, a suggested wine pairing, or some free-range eggs from the chickens that she keeps. She's so nice, she must just give them away for free!

Nathan Patton Developer I suppose that it was only a matter of time before we needed to hire an actual grown up. As Jesse likes to say, he's best-in-class at making things work "the first time." With years of industry experience and far more discipline and knowledge of software best-practices than Jesse, it's safe to say that Nathan is the reason that our product works every time. But fear not, Nathan is still young enough to jump rope!

Stay tuned for more as we introduce you to our product, mission, and solutions! Jesse

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