• Jesse Olsen

JumpRope Sponsors Best-in-the-Bronx Double Dutch Team!

Did I ever tell you that I used to coach double dutch while I was teaching high school? In fact, it's one of the reasons that we changed our name to JumpRope last summer! We are excited to announce we've chosen to sponsor the Bathgate Double Dutch team in the Bronx by helping them purchase the uniforms and shoes that they need to compete in this year's NYC PSAL double-dutch season.

On Sunday, I was able to join Coach Fields and the team for a match at Martin Luther King High School in Manhattan. Wearing their new digs, they stepped outside of the gym to grab a photo with me after they finished their freestyle. Congratulations, girls!

Last year, Bathgate was number one in the Bronx in their second year as a varsity double dutch team. I remember two years ago when double dutch was first accepted as an official sport in the PSAL here in New York - the interest and skill that poured into the sport was incredible to watch! I've always believed that sports play an important part in schools as source of exercise, discipline, and community. No matter how hard educators work to improve academic instruction, some students will always be more connected to the school through their teams.

Many schools in New York City struggle in this regard because space (fields, gyms, tracks, etc.) are in short supply as schools are often crammed into city blocks. Double Dutch is especially exciting to me in this regard because it is a high-exertion sport that can be done in limited space with limited equipment... and (while co-ed) it appeals to girls who statistically are less engaged in sports.

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to continue our support for the efforts by students and coaches this year by helping Bathgate enter their third season with uniforms and equipment. I plan to visit them (and maybe even help coach) throughout the season and update you when they take another trophy this spring!

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