• Jesse Olsen

I thought summer was supposed to be for relaxing!

What is this "exciting new product," you ask? We are working hard to unleash JumpRope's brand spanking new Classroom Edition for Teachers Soon, single teachers who are looking to break out of the mold can have JumpRope even if the entire school isn't plugged in quite yet. Once the community sees how helpful JumpRope is in your classroom, it'll catch on like a wildfire, we're sure.

Our Classroom Edition for Teachers can serve as a test run before the whole school takes it on. Or it can serve the lone innovator with flying colors, we turn your dreams into tangible, reportable data- that's what it's all about! Empowering teachers with useful data and helpful technology is what we love to do, and we are excited to get JumpRope into the hands of individual teachers soon.

We plan on having this out in August. If you can’t wait that long and want to see JumpRope in your school immediately, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

To track our progress and stay in-the-know with everything mastery-based grading, follow us on Twitter (@jumpropers) and hook up with us on Facebook. We will keep this blog updated with lots of cool info about our shenanigans, progress and mastery-based grading.

Please, enjoy your summer. Don't worry, we'll make it out to the beach soon, as they say, all work and no play... drop us a line if you have any questions! Au Revoir!

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