• Jesse Olsen

Happy New Year from JumpRope!

The JumpRope team would like to wish all of our users and supporters a very Happy New Year. 2011 has been a busy one at JumpRope, though many of the changes have been behind the scenes. Much of what we've done is gearing up for some exciting new products and features in 2012. Let's take a look at some of our bigger accomplishments in 2011:

1) We released three brand new products: The Charter School Common Application system, the Post-Secondary Tracking module, and the Network Dashboard. Each of these products is in active use by organizations working to improve education around the country.

2) We hired Nathan and Jenna to help with development and customer support. While Nathan's role was temporary as a consultant, his contributions were invaluable to improving our technical infrastructure at JumpRope. Jenna, as her bio indicates, continues to be the nicest person that you'll find on the other end of your email!

3) We moved into our new office space on 27th street and Manhattan. Not only has this boosted our productivity, but many more of our clients can come to visit us (our apartment wasn't the most inviting location, given the empty pizza boxes). Our new hosts at Barnum are much cleaner and more hospitable.

4) We changed our name! As many of you know, JumpRope used to be known as Impact. We were so excited to change our name that we revamped our entire design and created this fancy website (thanks to to NOMADIC by design).

5) Database upgrades! For years, JumpRope has been hosted on a combination of Google App Engine and Zoho. Both have been and continue to be amazing partners, but we have added a third leg to our data hosting in the form of a relational database cluster hosted by Amazon Web Services. This new database system allows us to offer fast, reliable, and powerful analytics to our customers.

6) We introduced new consulting services. Having identified "progress report time" as a particularly high-stakes and stressful time, we now offer Process Consultation and a Progress Report Print Service that can bring some sanity to the chaos. So far, our customers love it!

7) We're taking over Teach For America Institute. As many educators are aware, Teach For America offers intense training to its incoming corps members over the summer before they start teaching. This data-driven crucible of knowledge and strategy is requires powerful tools to track student and teacher growth. Having worked with TFA for nearly two years, JumpRope has become an important part of their instructional data strategy. In the summer of 2012, the majority of incoming corps members will be using JumpRope (and thus standards-based tracking) as their very first "gradebook!"

...and that's just what I can remember off the top of my head. Of course, the new year isn't just about reflection - it's also about planning for the future. At JumpRope, we are making one very important New Year's resolution:

We will blog at least once per month about our product, customers, partners, and industry.

To date, this blog is rather pathetic... but you can expect great things moving forward as we spend some time sharing the work that we and our amazing clients are doing. In fact, now is as good a time as any to subscribe to our blog so that you're always in the know.

Happy New Year from JumpRope, and we look forward to seeing you come around more often!


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