• Jesse Olsen

Can you count to 1,000,000? We can!

At JumpRope, we are proud to be part of the daily lives of our users. As a mission-critical, professional tool, JumpRope often gets more usage than email (unless this gem is floating around.) Teachers, administrators, and students log in multiple times per day to enter or analyze attendance, mastery, and other data.

On May 9th, 2012 we hit a major milestone (drum roll, please): our one millionth login! As you may expect, we’ve been steadily adding users over the last few months. Not only this, but the average amount of time users spend with JumpRope is increasing as well. Keep'em coming, and we’ll keep spinning up new servers in the cloud to meet the demand!

In the next few months as we race towards 2,000,000 we would like to highlight some of our happy users on this very blog. So if you're thrilled with JumpRope and the superhuman powers it's given you reach out to us at info@jumpro.pe and we'll get your story up here lickety split. Thanks go out to our users and supporters, and here’s to the next million (which should come more quickly!)

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