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Implementing Standards-based Grading at your School or District

Download the Implementation Benchmarks

A framework to evaluate the readiness for and effectiveness of your implementation of JumpRope and standards-based grading.

Making the move to mastery requires many moving parts beyond the technical aspects of setting up a gradebook, and we here at JumpRope take seriously those other moving parts. As we like to say, we’re not an ed tech company but a school improvement one. To that end we have created this set of implementation benchmarks for schools and districts to use to self-assess their progress towards achieving an effective and sustainable implementation of a standards-based grading system. We believe that each benchmark—along with the challenge statement and associated criteria—is crucial in the pursuit of a high-quality implementation.

Obviously, there are many ways to use this tool, but we recommend that you use it early in the process of setting up your standards-based grading system. An honest self-assessment at the start—and certainly throughout the implementation—will no doubt be beneficial to your school or district and to us, as we can craft appropriate support and related professional development and training opportunities.

Download JumpRope's Implementation Benchmarks for your School or District

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