Proficiency Transcripts

(with or without the gradebook)


JumpRope can produce customized high school proficiency transcripts based on data from our standards-based gradebook, or you can skip right to the transcript.

Graduation based on proficiency in 3 easy steps.


Switching to wholesale standards-based grading is a complex and time-intensive process. If you're using JumpRope's gradebook, proficiency-based transcripts and graduation requirements are built-in.  If you use other systems for classroom-level grading, you can still take advantage of our widely-adopted and customizeable proficiency transcripts in three straightforward steps that can be completed in less than a year without switching systems.


Build your bank of required or optional graduation standards, or start with one of our pre-built banks based on standards from the state or Common Core.  You can even include 21st Century Skills.


Based on data from any source - such as existing grades or assessment tools - enter transcript scores at the teacher or administrator level. We'll pull student and family data from your SIS.


Build your Standards Bank

Enter Proficiency Scores

Customize your Template

Work with JumpRope to build a custom template with your choice of letterhead, biographical information, and layout.  You can even include GPA, awards, and other data points.

Follow best practices from other districts

As more states and districts move towards a proficiency-based graduation model, there are huge benefits to learning from the choices and challenges that others have faced.  As the first system to produce high school proficiency transcripts for districts in multiple states, JumpRope has built experience in what works best and what colleges and universities accept and prefer.  You don't have to make every decision in isolation if you join our community!

Works with our gradebook and curriculum tools, whenever you're ready.
If you begin with our Proficiency Transcript system as a standalone solution, you can always step into using our Gradebook or our Curriculum Design tool later.  Every product is based on on the same standards bank and the value multiplies with minimal additional setup.  If teachers are using our standards-based gradebook, student & parents can instantly see real-time progress and proficiency transcript data is populated automatically.  If you have exemplar or required standards-based curriculum, you can easily align it to your district standards and push it out to teacher accounts or publish it for the community.

Part of a secure and reliable platform.

JumpRope’s software is designed to work in all different learning environments. This flexibility allows your school or district to tailor our gradebook to your specific philosophy, standards, and language.

Data Integrations

We import and export data automatically from over 20 student information systems, and have a track record of reliability.

Secure and Reliable

With bank-grade encryption, automated backups, and built-in redundancy you can be sure your data is safe.

API and Data Export

All of your data can be exported automatically or on-demand, and we have APIs to handle integrations.