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A strong implementation takes more than just software.  Let us help.


Your leadership team needs a plan to manage change, and that includes training teachers and the community on more than just software.  Shifting to standards-based teaching and learning has a big impact on every classroom and on the students and families that count on you every day. 

Create a custom plan for your community.


We offer several pre-designed sessions that can be offered as partial-day or full-day sessions in person or remotely.  You can purchase sessions individually or as part of discounted packages.  You can even request a custom curriculum from our experts and consultants.  Contact our team to create your package today.

Module #1: Moving Toward Mastery-based Practice

4-8 hours with Teachers and Administrators

Designed for schools moving from a traditional grading system, this session focuses on understanding the elements of the mastery-based teaching and learning cycle, with a particular focus on setting long-term learning targets linked to standards and tracking student mastery of them to inform teaching and learning, particularly as it relates to the differentiation of instruction. The session will also address the separation of content mastery from work habits.

Module #2: Standards & Learning Targets

4-8 hours with Teachers and Administrators

Teachers write objectives – what we call learning targets – all the time, but are they effectively developed, in a manner that fits with a high-functioning mastery-based system? This session will bring teachers back to what they learned in Objective Writing 101 – and then it will build dynamically and exponentially from there.

Module #3: Standards & Assessment

4-8 hours with Teachers and Administrators

Overview: At the heart of any high-functioning mastery-based system – in fact, at the heart of effective teaching and learning – is assessment.  This session will begin to scratch the surface of rich assessment practices and their place in mastery-based teaching and learning.

Module #4: Mastery Data & Instruction

4-8 hours with Teachers and Administrators

This session is designed for schools already using JumpRope or for schools asking questions about the use of mastery data to inform instruction and target interventions and remediation.

Module #5: Standards-based Instruction & Differentiation

4-8 hours with Teachers and Administrators

Differentiation of instruction is critical to the effectiveness of a mastery-based system. This session will link the practice of timely assessment data with classroom differentiation and will explore the functions within JumpRope that can aid this important practice.

Module #6: Writing a Mastery Constitution

4-8 hours

This session will guide school leaders and teachers around the development of a mastery constitution, for which they assess current practice and define policies, settings, and philosophy for their implementation of mastery-based practices.

Module #7: A Mastery-based System and External Audiences

4-8 hours with Administrators

Schools and districts work hard with their teachers and students when they implement a mastery-based system, and yet a disconnect is always possible when schools and districts begin to communicate mastery to external audiences - parents, community members, and even colleges. As much as there needs to be a plan to implement this system internally, there also needs to be a plan to implement it externally. This session will help schools and districts plan for communicating with and involving constituents external to the school.

Module #8: JumpRope Nuts and Bolts

2-4 hours

This session is designed for schools and districts who've been using JumpRope but feel as if they're not getting the most from their account and data. This session is meant to be highly customized and can be on topics such as (1) getting the most from attendance data, (2) using JumpRope's advanced reporting functions, and (3) supporting staff training with JumpRope data.

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Want to start learning before you change systems?

Many of the most successful schools and districts begin their shift to mastery long before purchasing software.  We have a network of professional development and consulting staff that can help your team create a road map to success.  Start with a free needs analysis with one of our top experts to learn what your options are to start the switch in mindset before switching systems.

Invest in a comprehensive proficiency platform

By working with our network of professional educators, you get more than just the best training and professional development.  You also gain access to a community and software platform built around best practices and uncompromising commitment to standards-based teaching and learning.  You don't have to do this alone anymore!

School and District Visits

Just ask and we can connect you with schools and districts at any stage of implementation for a call or visit.

Connected Products

We partner with other technology companies offering complementary tools and they play nicely together.

Online Communities

Anyone can post questions and ideas on our forums, and we'll curate communities on key related topics.

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