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This is more than a gradebook,

it's a game changer.


JumpRope’s software is designed to work in all different learning environments. This flexibility allows your school or district to tailor our gradebook to your specific philosophy, standards, and language.

Our software is built around the idea of creating assessments that are aligned to one or many standards.

Dual Reporting

Optionally report traditional course grades alongside standards-based scores to help make the transition easy.

Student and Family Portal

Students and families can view progress on standards, download assignments and view missing work online.

Proficiency Transcripts

In addition to the traditional format, produce transcripts based on standards-based graduation requirements.

Habits of Work

Teachers can assess students on habits of work  alongside academic standards to create a complete picture.

And Much More

JumpRope can track attendance, behavior, college applications, contact information, and much more.

Truly Standards-Based

"Grades" that actually represent mastery

At the end of the day, grades matter.  Other schools, colleges, and even employers - not to mention the community - depend on clearly articulated aggregate "grades" that sum up student performance.  With our customizable reports and calculation methods, we can help your grades match your philosophy.

A visual representation of different calculation methods.

Part of a secure and reliable platform

JumpRope’s software is designed to work in all different learning environments, and we'll make sure we don't cause any additional headaches.  We are compatible with most student information systems and follow industry standards in security and redundancy.  You own your data and can export at any time to CSV or via our API.

Data Integrations

We import data automatically from over 20 different student information systems, and have a track record of reliability.

Secure and Reliable

With bank-grade encryption, automated backups, and built-in redundancy you can be sure your data is safe.

API and Data Export

All of your data can be exported in standard format whenever you need it, and we have APIs to read and write.

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