Curriculum Design Tool

One of the first things a teacher does as they begin thinking about the new school year is to map and plan their curriculum. In JumpRope, the Planning Tool captures your curriculum in a format that is archived and shareable with other teachers. In addition, it automatically populates the standards-based grade-book and reports.


Backwards Design

Based on backwards design principles, this planning tool considers learning goals before assessments or learning experiences, ensuring that each piece is focused on student learning outcomes.

Align Assessments to Standards

Our Planning Tool allows you to align your assessments to one or more standards, explicitly telling the system what each assessment (or assignment) is gathering evidence of in terms of mastery.

Sharing Units Detail


Attach Documents and Resources

In our Planning Tool, you can upload as many supporting documents and resources as you want. Next year or term, you can easily re-use existing curriculum without starting from scratch!


Collaborative and Shareable

Anything created in the planning tool can be viewed or edited, at the teacher's discretion, by anyone else in the school at any point in the planning process. This allows for collaborative planning and feedback- great minds think together!





Integration with Common Core or State Standards

JumpRope let's teachers set their own learning goals, import them from Excel, and/or build their curriculum from state standards or the Common Core. When aligned to the common core, school-wide reports become even more valuable.



Framework Friendly

If your school uses certain teaching practices across content areas, templates for lessons and assessments can be integrated into the program to enhance the planning process.

Straight to the Gradebook

All units, standards and assessment are pre-populated into your gradebook making the next steps a snap! It also holds you accountable to teach and assess based on your existing lesson and unit plans.



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About JumpRope

JumpRope helps educators implement standards-based grading in every classroom through innovative assessment and feedback. We provide the web-based platform that great teachers and schools need to engage students with active pedagogy, purposeful planning, and authentic learning experiences. With the tools to make standards-based grading easy, teachers are freed to create, propel and inspire; and students become life-long learners. More +

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