Accurate Attendance

Though attendance data can be pretty boring, it is a critical aspect of running a school. Using the right system to manage attendance will help students and teachers alike improve their habits.



Done in Sixty Seconds

Even though attendance in JumpRope can be far more than just entering data, sometimes you just need to get it done. From start to finish, including secure login, you can take attendance for a class in less than a minute.

Know Before You Know

While taking attendance, you can see which students have been in class that day and earlier in the week. You can tell who may be cutting or who is showing up for the first time!




View Any Date Range

JumpRope is able to track student's attendance over any time frame, giving insight into behavior and habits and allowing for helpful
guidance from
and parents.

Custom Reports

Attendance data becomes even more valuable when you group and aggregate data items like teacher, room number, and course. Ever looked at a student’s attendance average first period vs. last period or Math vs. PE?

State Reporting

If your district or state requires specific reports on student attendance, we can help generate and submit that report without extra work on your part.

Student & Parent Access

JumpRope's Student & Parent Portal can optionally (and securely) show real-time attendance information as you work with parents to make sure that students are coming to school on time.




Watch Any Student or Group

JumpRope can help you keep an eye on certain students or groups of students. All of the data is available in real time, always current.





Take Attendance on the Go

Gotta run out the door for a field trip to the zoo or an assembly for spirit week? Take attendance as you herd your students onto the bus. It's even easier than Angry Birds™.

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