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Design standards-based curriculum that can actually be used by teachers.

It's one thing to create examplar curriculum that can be shared as a document.  Our curriculum design tool integrates with our standards bank and gradebook which adds meaning and efficiency to your curriculum design.  From now on you know what can and should be taught, and how students are performing across the board.

Supports your Template

Whether you use your own curriculum template or follow an established format, we can handle it.

Collaborative Design

Share the responsibility of curriculum design among multiple administrators or  teachers with ease.

Works with the Gradebook

Share curriculum with your teachers for effortless use in our gradebook, and choose whether they can make changes.

Publish to the Community

Share your curriculum with the public on the web, and choose what they can see and what is kept private.

Create Immediate Value

Sometimes baby steps are appropriate.  Get a handle on your standards and curriculum first.

Always Improving

Every customer gives us new ideas, and every month we make a meaningful update.  Share your ideas!

Share the best resources on your terms

Our curriculum design tool fits a variety of workflows.  Whether you design curriculum centrally, wish to get visibility into teacher-designed curriculum, or somewhere in between: we have you covered.  Our tool lets you standardize the course or unit template and give access to any collaborative designers as needed to design and share your standards-based curriculum.

Part of a secure and reliable platform.

JumpRope’s software is designed to work in all different learning environments. This flexibility allows your school or district to tailor our gradebook to your specific philosophy, standards, and language.

Data Integrations

We import and export data automatically from over 20 student information systems, and have a track record of reliability.

Secure and Reliable

With bank-grade encryption, automated backups, and built-in redundancy you can be sure your data is safe.

API and Data Export

All of your data can be exported automatically or on-demand, and we have APIs to handle integrations.

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