We understand that every school is different, just like each student is different.


That's why our education specialists are ready to share their best practices and classroom experience with your team through tailored consultation, implementation and professional development. Let us help coordinate your student achievement.



Translating vision into classroom practices.

People make progress when they work closely with others who know how to ask the right questions—we ask those questions. You provide vision, we provide seasoned consultants who draw from their experience in mastery-based learning and assessment implementation to guide the conversation.

We solidify and translate your vision into actionable classroom practices that propel teachers and students to successfully use mastery-based techniques for improved planning, learning and assessment.

We work with your leaders to craft a detailed implementation time line that includes strategic planning, alignment with other district/state initiatives, and gradual introductions to schools, teachers and parents.

We provide leadership coaching built on extensive experience with schools that have successfully implemented mastery-based learning and assessment that will guide your staff toward healthy and productive change.

Implementation & Training

Helping you find your rhythm.

It takes a lot of practice and coordintion to find your rhythm—we're here to help you along the way. It's like double dutch, once you have a routine in place and you start practicing the moves, it all comes together. Soon your whole school will be jumping smoothly and having a lot of fun!

We guide school leaders as they build on existing systems and bring about school-wide cultural change.

We share our best-practices on how to implement mastery-based learning and assessment and JumpRope into educators' daily routine to get the best possible results for all students in each classroom.

We provide practical guidance on how to get students, families and communities excited about a fundamentally rigorous, student-centered approach to learning and assessment.


We're all about results.

The best teams know how to evaluate their effectiveness and implement change toward improved practices. It is this process of analysis that provides the best results for your students and teachers.

Drawing from our years of experience in implementing mastery-based grading we guide leadership teams through a process of ongoing analysis to provide support with organizing and interpreting data to inform decision-making.

Our coaches provide guidance to teachers on effectively interpreting, organzing and evaluating data and the assimilation of new classroom practices.

JumpRope Professional Learning Communities

Never Stop Learning!

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) deepen staff development by encouraging staff to share ideas and strategies thereby energizing school change and improvement. JumpRope emphasizes the creation of PLCs within its networks because we believe that continued learning is the key to the success of any organization.

When you join the JumpRope network of schools you gain access to our professional facilitators who not only guide the development of PLCs within your school but help guide the conversation.

You also gain access to our online network of educators as they discuss strategies, successes, and best practices.



About JumpRope

JumpRope helps educators implement standards-based grading in every classroom through innovative assessment and feedback. We provide the web-based platform that great teachers and schools need to engage students with active pedagogy, purposeful planning, and authentic learning experiences. With the tools to make standards-based grading easy, teachers are freed to create, propel and inspire; and students become life-long learners. More +

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