Flattered & Inspired

A few of our partners were nice enough to say some pretty cool things about us behind our backs and we’d like to share. We work hard, day in and day out, for these folks and all this praise makes us feel like prom kings and queens. Thank You.

“I have yet to find another software backed by a group of creative, accessible, open minded and technologically savvy professionals who understand the teacher side of things. In creating this flexible, innovative software they have truly aligned themselves with the national move in education toward outcomes and competencies.”

“JumpRope is an integral part of The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria. It is accessed daily by the entire school community and has helped us continue our outcomes based work and captures our innovative grading practices.”

Laura Mitchel, Principal
The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria

“JumpRope is a part of the daily conversation here at MELS, with parents frequently contacting teachers regarding JumpRope assignments, teachers using JumpRope to develop common learning targets and assessments, and students logging on to monitor their progress."

Pat Finley, Principal
The Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School

About JumpRope

JumpRope helps educators implement standards-based grading in every classroom through innovative assessment and feedback. We provide the web-based platform that great teachers and schools need to engage students with active pedagogy, purposeful planning, and authentic learning experiences. With the tools to make standards-based grading easy, teachers are freed to create, propel and inspire; and students become life-long learners. More +

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